Portugal Car Accident – Teresa Fidalgo

Latest – This is NOT(despite having said this a million times, there are still ****** like ‘dangerous‘ who leave comments like him/her… i’ve since disabled comments for this relatively old thread) the website of David Rebordão.

David Rebordão’s site is at: http://www.acurva.net/. David Rebordão is the creator of this short film. The entire clip and production procedures are available on his website on DVD format. This ghost is not real. It’s just a short film made by David Rebordão.

According to this site (Malditang Pinay), the content of http://www.acurva.net/ are as follows:


My name is David Rebordão and I am the author and producer of the short film “A Curva”. After months of speculation, stuffed of fantastic theories about the film, the moment of the revelation arrives.

This website was created for you to know all the truth about the facts that gave rise to the most watched Portuguese short film of all time. Despite of several versions of the film that exist of for free download by available to all cybernauts, in this website you can acquire the complete version with twelve minutes of duration in DVD.

The DVD brings also an interview where I am going to relate all the trial of creation, my reactions about the spread of the film all around the world, the several forums that were created to talk about of the film, and to all the stories that were created from the imagination of the cybernauts. I also reveal the strategy that was behind the creation of the film, always with the objective of calling attention of the public for the others projects that are being developed.

I am going make movies for people; movies that can amuse.

I’d like to thank Monica for providing the links and StoneColdDeath for confirming the language (Portuguese) used in the video.


This clip has been making waves. Some news stations even included footages of this clip in their reports.

It was reported that an accident happened (28th April 06) on a particular stretch of road, which most Portuguese believe to be haunted, and that the cause was, ahem…, the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo. Teresa Fidalgo is a gal who unfortunately died in 1983 at exactly the same spot, also in an accident.

Personally, I don’t think this clip is the original. Even if it is, it could have been edited. Someone pointed out several flaws in this video including the one shown below.

I’m just kind of curious. If this is not a hoax, the local police should have all the records, including how the actual Terasa Fidalgo look like. So it shouldn’t be that difficult to prove if the hitchhiker is indeed the ghost of Teresa. The authenticity of the video can then be established. (To start with, there don’t seem to be any concrete evidence that suggests such an accident actually happened in 1983.)

Anyway, I believe that ghosts cannot be captured on camera in such solid human form. In fact, they don’t even appear in such complete forms to the human eye. How do I know? Keep guessing… ^^

Below is the clip with english subs I found on YouTube. The action starts about 4 mins into the video. So you’d just might want to skip through. Anyway, I won’t recommend this to those with heart condition. You have been warned! Click on the play button to continue.

Why s0ulless strongly believe it’s a hoax:
1. If you noticed, there were no other vehicles, no obstacles on the road at all. The car was on a straight road, travelling at low a speed and out of a sudden, it seems that the car just overturned.

2. Seems like the camera had been ‘dropped’ (I have strong urge to use the word ‘placed’) at a deliberate angle. It is doubtful that the camera actually remained intact (and running), with not even a scratch on its lens. The camera’s movement in this sense (a crash) is especially doubtful. The impact and manner of the ‘crash’ is also questionable.

3. The mobile phone image that kept appearing (and disappearing) and the slight ‘pixelation’ towards the end suggest that the video could have been edited. It is worth noting that the mobile phone was removed/simply disappeared just before ‘Teresa’ appeared. The mobile phone could have been used to produce the distortion effect on the camera. (It is possible to produce such effects depending on type of recording equipment and/or mobile network used.) – see below

4. As for the blurry effect/distortion when the ‘Teresa’ entered the car. How i should i put it? You can try switching on/off your mobile phone (or make a call) right in front of a cam or even your CRT monitor. See the effects. (Don’t do this repeatedly, it damages your hardware component!) – This distortion, and the ‘pixelation’ towards the end, do not fit together. ‘Pixelation’ usually occurs when there are interference on digital equipment or due to some ‘post-production’ glitches. The effect when ‘Teresa’ entered the vehicle, however, suggests that an analog equipment could have been used instead OR the clip could have been post-edited. (I won’t go into details here but again I’d like to stress that it is possible to produce such effects depending on type of recording equipment and/or mobile network used. I use ‘could’ as I could be wrong too. For info on how the effects were produced, please visit David Rebordão’s website or read this article.)

5. There are suggestions on other forums that this group of youths came from Brazil, not Portugal. (someone derived this from the variation of Latin which they used.) – StoneColdDeath had confirmed later that they are Portuguese.

6. A search on google and yahoo! did not indicate any official record of the 1983 accident in the first place. Most sites found boil down to local belief, rumour etc. There is no concrete evidence to even suggest that the 1983 accident, or this video, is authentic. (I probably did a lousy search. If anyone finds anything, please provide the link here. thanks.)

7. Personal experience and articles from professional paranormal groups have convinced me that it is unlikely to capture so-called ‘ghosts’ (in simple terms) in such solid human forms. It may appear to an individual as such but it is almost impossible to capture this on camera. In most instances, ‘ghosts’ are often captured on cameras as ‘orbs’, shadows, balls/flashes of lights etc.

8. The information about David’s survival, how the police found the video and how ‘Teresa’ died at the same spot… All these were gathered SOLELY from the subtitles of the clip.

9. Last but not least, these are of course, my personal opinion. I’d very much appreciate any comments or links to sites that indicate otherwise.

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  1. This video is really good, of course it’s fake and David has told so in his page http://www.ecurva.net he was trying to do something different with minor budget films, and I think he did it. I’ve seen so many pages with posts about this film and there are many people thinking it’s true. Plz, visit the page I mentioned previously and see it for yourself, by the way, say hi to Teresa (what a lady) :p

  2. Te înspãimântã când îl vezi pentru prima datã, am mai auzit poveºti de genul ãsta…

  3. it seems pretty real to me. and if it is not real, this produces and actors have done a very gd job at it.
    I am a christian so i do not believe this. ^^

    To God be Glory!

  4. blimy what a lot of fuss over a video clip. if it is real, it is real. if it is fake, it is fake but is there any point in having such a long winded discussion bout it. i watched it an it is freaky but hey oh well. things like this video are made all the time does it really matter if it is real, it is good and obviously effective as everyone talks about it.

  5. i saw the clip and yes it is fake you can tell right before the girls says she dead look at the speedamator right before the blury part comes up and after it goes away its a different speed and the landscape is all different which means they stopped for awhile and then proceded. Also a spirt or ghost can take the form of a human but when it does its usally a strong presecnce and not really a good. one. i seen many of them in my life even thou im young but still seen from walking dolls, little goblins or demons, to ghost. i always loved seeing and reading about spirts cause ghost are real and some are dangerous.

  6. chez mate thank f*** theres an aussie leavin a comment.(or r u pommie;sayin blimey made me think ur aussie) anyway i watched the vid on youtube it freaked me out i made my gf walk me to the toilet that nite i was piss scared to go by meself but after readin everyotha comment maybe it is fake who cares im drunk bein bored

  7. Hats off to the guys who have made this video, i would say it was an intelligently made video, though with a few flaws. There is no question about this video being fake, since it is evident throughout the video’s running time. The dialogues were extra ordinary and philosophical (not something which we speak during a long tiresome journey)and the tapping of the driver’s finger in the wheels show how nervous he was, though I thought he was an above average actor.
    While the so called ghost points out to the location of her accident, there is an editing done during which the cell phone which was not there suddenly appears. You have to watch the video carefully to note this.
    Hats off to the person who acted as the ghost because she was indeed a very good actor, she was sucessful in bring the gloomy, sad expression in her face which we usually associate with ghosts, who might have been either murdered or killed in accidents. The expression in her eyes and the sudden turn of her neck when the camera was facing towards her though revealed that she was acting, but have to say, she made a very convincing ghost.
    I am sure the supposedly dead people Tiago & Tania will be alive and kicking , somewhere in Brazil or Portugese and i am sure that if given an oppourtunity in life, the brains behind this video will become a very sucessful hollywood film maker

  8. Unlike most people.. RESPECT ‘soulless’ you make an educated argument i’m sick of hearin nothin but scepticism and bad refutaions seriously!
    u went about this in more of an educated flexible and scientific manner than most ppl i kno

  9. me and my buddy were walking in a graveyard one night (looking for ghosts) not expecting to see anything we got towards the end of the whole thing and there was a tree line on front of us and a little girl, both me and my friend stopped and i didnt say anything yet a couple of secends went by and then he finally said "dude the fu*king girl!" and thats when i knew what i was looking at was really there. it was skechted out though… i could make a dress, that she was a she, and hollow eyes… second ghost i ever saw, last one too so far.

  10. sorry i meant to get to the point that, yeah this videos looks fake, when a vehicle flips theres physics involved, so the camera where it landed just to me doesent fit (nutons law) the camera didnt move around enouph. I dont want to rain of peoepls parade. i belive in ghost i also belive that this may be a hoax of a real teresa fidalgo video… ive yet to find anything on it, let me know if you find anything guys

  11. again sorry i would like to add another thing. Although the physics and all that jazz dont add up to me… the way the ("actors") conversate back to eachother its really genuine, it almost doesent seem like there (making a video) and thats all i have to say thanks

  12. It’s real because you believe so? Please, get real kiddies. First of all, to anyone who’s worked in the film business, this is a clear hoax. Secondly, why didn’t they release the last names of the people who died in that crash? Or of David. Oh that’s right, so that you could clearly see that there was never an accident involving those people.

  13. Ghost are good or bad,but not both of….that was Teresa…at the first moment she was fine and then she was really bad….it,s a fake….you can see a mistakes in the movie,if you watch it carefully


  15. hi and the only thing i have to say is that it was scary made my heart stop but it is fake ive got proof[not official just something i found in my home] got my bros mobile phone and turned it off then on my pc screen shook and waved they made it wave and shake to look scary like Teresa was liek haunting around them and when she said "I died…" she turn right, just right at the same time camera turned i dont get it and how did she keep human form then a sec later turned with scrapes ans scratches on her face and she made conttact with a living human being that is a solid figure. I went to Portugal and bought a history book about ghosts and mathematics and witch craft it said teresa was a real girl and 3 men killed her and her family and they had passed the same spot were she died. there was a car accident and the women in the passenger street was injured by the steering wheel. her arm twisted on it and evyerone else wass fine they had prob got the same book as me and put evyerthing together they read out of it and made it look cool and scary thank you for reading but this is true

  16. not real but scary!read the comments of the portugese here.. they live there, they know best!

  17. i don’t believe it…ghost are not true…..in this video..someone make it..ghost are spirit..we cannot see them…

  18. Wahaha…i think this video not real.That handphone are simply appear and that mph/kmh speed are simply change.

    This good video

    ** Maybe i can meet teresa

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